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Experience Tonalism

            Tonalism is an all night ambient happening partly inspired by La Monte Young’s Dream House and the happenings of the 50s and 60s by artists such as Terry Riley, John Cage and Yoko Ono. Visitors are encouraged to bring pillows, cushions, and sleeping bags, lay down and listen. The event features live performances and DJ sets in an environment transformed by projections, installations and various multimedia elements. The night flows seamlessly with quiet and harmonious sounds providing a transformative and contemplative experience.

Tonalism at Bonnaroo

            Tonalism brought peace and tranquility to Tennessee’s Bonnaroo festival this year, featuring nightly ambient music with visual accompaniments, stretching from nightfall until early morning. Festival goers enjoyed performances by Nanny Cantaloupe, Hoseh, Lucky Dragons, Ale, Matthewdavid, Geographic North, Timonium, Llark, Jimmy Tamborelllo, Sana Shenai, Aura T-09, Zøraya, Steph Russ, Timonium, Lyonnais, Ann Sensing, The Institute of Art & Olfaction, Diva Dompe, Alex Pelly, Andrew Ohlmann.

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            An immersive multimedia event, with live performances and sets at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions in Hollywood. Live performers and DJs included Sage Caswell,  Hoseh, frosty, Jimmy Tamborello, Victoria O’Hanlon, Richard Chartier, Ale, and Farbod Kokabi & Farzad Moghaddam.

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            A free event held at 365 Mission, with both ambient music and visual performances from sunset to sunrise. Live DJ sets and performances by: Klang Association feat. Anna Homler, Jorge Martin and Jeff Schwartz, Hoseh, Miles Cooper Seaton & Heather McIntosh, Drip City, Avey Tare, Geologist, Deaken, Brian Degraw, $3.33, Angela Seo, George Jensen. Music was accompanied by visual projections by: Alexandra Pelly, Carole Kim and Jesse Gilbert, with live drawing by Moses Hacmon, Alicia Gorecki, Kio Griffith, Regine Verougstraete and Valerie Daval.

Tonalism at Sonos Studio

            This event at Sonos Studios in Los Angeles gave attendees live performances, DJ sets, and an accompanying video. Featuring performances by: Jon Hassell, M. Geddes Gengras, Sun Araw, Diva Dompe (with her dad Kevin Haskins), Matthewdavid, Phillips & Jensen, Sam Wolk, and White Rainbow. The evening also included DJ sets by: Hoseh, Victoria O’Hanlon, Carlos Niño, Nanny Cantaloupe, Sam Cooper, Suzanne Kraft, frosty, Jimmy Tamborello and Ale Cohen.

Set 001 — Sun Araw
Set 002 — Suzanne Kraft
Set 003 — Sam Cooper
Set 004 — Phillips & Jensen

Tonalism at El Cosmico
in Marfa Texas

            In 2011 we brought our ambient and drone roster to El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas. Featuring sets by Sun Araw, JD Emmauel, Common Synth (Nicolas Miller & Anthony DeSimone), David Hollander and Daniel Chamberlin — as well as a teepee visual installation by Adam Bork. The event was broadcast live on Marfa Public Radio.    

Set 001 — M. Geddes Gengras
Set 002 — Sneaky Snake
Set 003 — Common Synth (Nicolas Miller & Anthony DeSimone)
Set 004 — J D Emmanuel
Set 005 — David Hollander
Set 006 — Sun Araw
Set 007 — Matthewdavid

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Tonalism at the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock

            This mix includes excerpts from the Tonalism event that took place in 2011 at the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock. The event included DJ mixes and live performances by Damion Romero, Julia Holter, SFV Acid, Lucky Dragons, Warner Jepson, Joseph Hammer, Ale, frosty, Jimmy Tamborello, Carlos Nino, Aaron Drake, Hoseh, Katie Byron, Lavenders, Nanny Cantaloupe, Sam Cooper, Scott Cazan, Suzanne Kraft, and Matthew David. The mix is not in a particular order but it does provide a glimpse at the music presented throughout the night. (You can check out Julia Holter’s performance by itself here).

Tonalism at Music Gallery

            In 2011 we brought Tonalism to Toronto’s Music Gallery. It served as the Season Closing Fundraising Event for the Music Gallery and transformed St. George the Martyr Church into an immersive, multi-media experience. Julia Holter, Matthewdavid, Suzanne Kraft, Teebs, Dntel and frosty provided music while Alex Pelly created the live visual projections.
           Thanks to David Dacks and Jonny Bunce for making this event happen in Toronto! The original audio recording was lost in deep space but thankfully the event was broadcast live on CIUT Radio so we were able to rescue the recordings thanks to their help. Unfortunately Dntel and frosty’s sets seem to still be floating out there with the satellites. We hope you enjoy the rest of the archive.

Mix 001 — Various

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            For Reed College’s Art Week, we took our overnight experience to Portland, OR where students brought sleeping bags and pillows to the Student Union and enjoyed live performances by Grouper, Golden Hits, Pharaohs, and Golden Retriever, in addition to DJ sets by frosty, Ale, Nanny Cantaloupe, Katie Byron, Jimmy Tamborello, Ben Knight, Jeff Yarbrough, Sam Cooper, Lavenders, and Suzanne Kraft.

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Tonalism at the Henry Miller
Library, Big Sur

            2009 event at the Henry Miller Library (Big Sur) in association with Kranky Records, where visitors were encouraged to spend the night outside — with complimentary tea served for the duration. By the glow of a fire pit under the canopy of big pines listeners heard sets by Windy and Carl, Pharaohs, Matt Baldwin, Inner Beauty, Lyonnais, White Rainbow, Nudge, Obrian System, frosty, Jimmy Tamborello, Michael Stock, Andy Ca, Mia Doi Todd, Carlos Niño & Jesse Peterson, The Nick Rosen/Brian Green Duo, Golden Hits, DJ Cool Chris of Groove Merchant, GB, and Life On Earth!

Mix 001 — Live at Tonalism in Big Sur (Dntel Remix)

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            The 2008 Tonalism event took place oceanside as listeners, performers, and DJs met at the historic carousel on the Santa Monica pier for a night of music and visuals as part of the Santa Monica Glow Festival. The night featured live performances by Albert Ortega, Steve Roden, Unrecognizable Now, and White Rainbow along with DJ sets by frosty, Carlos Nino, Hoseh, Jimmy Tamborello, Sam Cooper, Katie Byron, Ale and Michael Stock. The music was played alongside visual projections by Jessica Bronson, Cal Crawford, Carole Kim, and Matt Sheridan.

Set 001 — Albert Ortega
Set 002 — White Rainbow
Set 003 — Unrecognizable Now

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            Farmlab in Downtown Los Angeles hosted our 2007 event, which included live performance and visual projections as well as live nature sound duets, curated by Carlos Nino. DJ sets by Hoseh, Morpho, frosty, Ale, MatthewDavid, Michael Stock, J.Mendez, Farzad Moghaddam and Farbod Kokabi. Live sets by Dntel, Languis, Tropic of Cancer, smgsap, and Adventure time. Visuals were provided by Carolina Chaves and Ben Loiz, the Labrat Matinee, and the Masses.

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            This was the first Tonalism event ever.  Included DJ sets by Frosty, Jimmy Tamborello, Allen Avanessian, John Girgus, and Ale Cohen