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Tonalism at the Santa Monica Pier

            The 2008 Tonalism event took place oceanside as listeners, performers, and DJs met at the historic carousel on the Santa Monica pier for a night of music and visuals as part of the Santa Monica Glow Festival. The night featured live performances by Albert Ortega, Steve Roden, Unrecognizable Now, and White Rainbow along with DJ sets by frosty, Carlos Nino, Hoseh, Jimmy Tamborello, Sam Cooper, Katie Byron, Ale and Michael Stock. The music was played alongside visual projections by Jessica Bronson, Cal Crawford, Carole Kim, and Matt Sheridan.
Set 001 — Albert Ortega
Set 002 — White Rainbow
Set 003 — Unrecognizable Now

Tonalism 2022

            This year Tonalism is back in Los Angeles!!! After two consecutive years of Tonalism taking place at Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, and an online edition due to the pandemic, dublab is happy to announce the return of the beloved ambient happening to its hometown. Presented in partnership with Descanso Gardens, Tonalism brings a stellar line up of artists that will transform the grounds of Descanso Gardens for four consecutive days with a sound exhibit and a live event.

From May 9th-12th, garden visitors will be able to experience a quadraphonic sound exhibit at Descanso Gardens. The exhibit will take place during regular visiting hours and will include pre- recorded works by various artists that will play on rotation through a specially designed sound system that will allow the public to immerse in a sonic experience while enjoying their surroundings

On Saturday, June 11, Tonalism will go live! From 6pm to 1am the public will be able to enjoy live performances, DJ sets and video art in the Rose Garden. Visitors are encouraged to bring pillows, cushions, and sleeping bags to lay down, listen and watch for an extended period of time.

The diverse line up of live performers and DJs include Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Drum & Lace, Colloboh, Diva, Matthewdavid, Indradeep Gosh, Neelamjit Dhillon & Chris Votek, Grace Oh, Nanny Cantaloupe, Barbarelle, Hoseh, Rona Rapadas, Mark “Frosty” McNeil, No Translation, Jimmy Tamborello, Chris Kissel, Alex Pelly, Carole Kim, Alise Spinella, Alicia Gorecki, Theo Rasmussen, Eli Rosenkim, with dancers Oguri, Roxanne Steinberg & Michelle Shiu-Lin Lai.

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